First Time Users:

  • Only one person needs to register in the portal as the company’s system admin. The company system admin should invite other portal users in their company.
  • If you are a New portal user from a company that is already registered on the portal, you will need an invitation. Find and ask the portal system admin in your company to get the invitation.
  • Once you get the invitation email click on the word "Redeem"

Returning user:

  • If you are a returning portal user - you may log-in with your username and password!
  • You can reset your password by clicking the forgot my password link in the sign-in page.

My invite code isn't working, can you help?

Make sure you are linking through by clicking on the word "Redeem" in the email.

I am trying to log-in and it is telling me access denied.

  • Make sure you are using the correct username and password
  • Close all your browsers and try to login again

I am trying to reset my password but it isn't showing up in my email.

  • Make sure you have a log-in
  • Check your spam?

I see a "Sign In Failed" error message when I create my account.

This could be because you have other instances of the portal open. Click the green Sign In button, below the error message, to complete signing in.

Why can't I access the "See my requests link" after I've already signed up?

You may not have permission yet. This may be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your company's registration to be a partner hasn't been approved yet. If your company hasn't registered, go to your profile and submit the register to be a partner form. After you submit your registration, wait until your registration is approved by King County Wastewater Treatment staff.
  2. Your company admin hasn't granted you the permission you need.

I received an email stating that I am added to my escrow company's account as an Admin, but when I sign up, I don't appear to have admin rights. Do I need to register as a partner?

No, since you have already been given the admin right when you receive the email, you don't need to register as a partner. Log out and log back in to the portal 10-15 minutes after receiving the email, to see that you are added to your escrow company's account as an Admin.

I couldn’t print the escrow response form on one page.

After you click the Print button, change the printer scale to 70 or shrink to fit, if you see that option

I'm using Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is not a recommended browser. You may experience degraded performance or functionality if you use Internet Explorer.

Why can’t I add my colleague as an alternate contact?

Because of the current system limitation, two users can’t be an alternate contact for each other. Make sure you are not added as an alternate contact by the person you’re trying to add.

The Address returned by the system is inaccurate and I can’t update it.

Make sure you entered the correct PIN. If you’re providing the correct PIN but the address is still not correct, please provide the correct address in Note/Comments. WTD staff will correct the address in our system and you will see the correct address on the WTD response.